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The World of Litigation

Litigation is something that very few companies and people want to be involved with. It is expensive, time consuming and draws a lot of energy and creates a lot of stress. Sometimes it's necessary. 

Now, many folks are saying that "mediation is the new litigation."

Many times parties enter contracts which will remove your right to a trial by jury to which you are normally entitled and require that your solution occur through arbitration. This sounds like bad news but frankly in the post-Covid legal environment, arbitration is oftentimes preferable. Why? Because criminal defendants have a Constitutional priority found in the right to a speedy trial, criminal cases are now the focus of many court systems. This means that a construction case is given a lower priority and takes longer. 

While a jury is 12 regular people listening to and deciding you case, arbitration has many advantages. It typically takes less time; in many cases it will be cheaper; you will have some control over the arbitration proceedings not found in a jury trial. However, there are limits in an arbitration proceeding and we would be happy to explain the process in greater detail. 

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